CEO Lunch Submissions

“I found Mr. Giler to be very insightful and he openly shared some of his experiences. He advised me on what to look for in transitions and what he would expect. The lunch experience was amazing and I look forward to applying again in 2013!” ~Mirali, BREW Lunch winner 2012

“Desh provided some valuable advice about the path to entrepreneurship, career choices and finding the early team members for my venture. He has shown interest to receive updates as I make progress. Thanks for organizing the BREW CEO Lunch program. What a great opportunity.”
~Dharmendra, BREW Lunch winner 2012

Our entrepreneurs gain valuable insight by meeting with local CEOs for lunch, and we are excited you want to join the list of CEOs ready to mentor and meet a local entrepreneur, small business owner or student in the Boston area! The process is simple. Leading up to BREW in October, we ask entrepreneurs to submit why they want to have lunch with a particular CEO. Those CEOs select a finalist based on those submissions and the team at BREW makes an introduction. The CEO and winner coordinate the lunch date and decide on time, place and location. The informal structure provides a more rewarding experience for the entrepreneur AND the CEO.

CEO Lunch Submission Form

Please submit the following information for consideration as part of the BREW CEO Lunch program! We will notify CEOs of participation on or before July 31, 2013.
  • use format (212)555-1234